The Sanderson TPM4 is the world's fastest commercially available tube perforation machine. Punching over 6000 holes in tubes ranging from 1.5" up to 4" in under a minute.

Very quick cycle times, minimal tube distortion and burring, easy programming, and rapid tool changes without the need for tools are just some of its features.

The Sanderson TPML4 is the world's first commercially available high speed internal tube louvering machine.

It offers linear tube perforating and external louvering, quick cycle times, minimal tube distortion and burring, easy programming, and sub five-minute tool changes.

The Sanderson TL5e is the next generation in Sanderson Machine Tools tube louvering technology. Electrico-pneumatic driven. Light and maneuverable.

Designed with reliable part repetition and quick tool changes in mind. 

The Sanderson TPM-Lite is a cost effective answer for those with lower production volumes. It is the baby brother of the Sanderson TPM4, and it shares many of the same design features. Quick cycle times, minimal tube distortion and burring, easy programming and storing of parts, as well as rapid tool changes. 

The Sanderson AFH is a pneumatically driven, automated hopper.  It holds between 150 to 250 tubes (dependant on size). 

Simple setup, controlled by the machine it feeds. Great for high volume production.

To be used in conjuction with a loader.

The Sanderson ATL is our original automated tube loader. It both feeds tubes into front loading machines and also collects them via conveyor belt system.

Simple setup. Powered by pneumatics and electric motors.

The Sanderson TL5 is a spiral internal louvering machine designed for larger scale production than its little brother the TL5e. Its roboustness stems from the hydraulically powered cutting blade. 

Great for high volume production.