Sanderson Machine Tools and its parent company Sanpro Industries Limited have a proud manufacturing tradition dating back nearly 40 years. Sanpro Industries Ltd. was founded by Malcolm Sanderson as a general engineering company with a particular focus on designing and producing exhausts, mufflers, and baffles. Malcolm, dissatisfied by the slow and expensive method of making exhaust cores from perforated flat sheet, designed his own machine to produce cores. It made exhaust cores better, faster, and cheaper than anything on the market. Realising the international demand for such a machine, it is here that Sanderson Machine Tools was born.


Sanderson Machine Tools' sole focus is servicing the needs of the international automotive industry. Wherever vehicles or vehicle parts are built, be they commercial, industrial, or domestic, you will likely see one of our tube perforation machines in operation.


We have over 25 years of experience manufacturing machinery and machine components. Our very first machine was built for a customer in Malaysia more than 20 years ago, and that machine is still operating today. Since then we have produced many machines and we export to more than 35 countries.


High volume manufacture requires highly efficient and reliable equipment. Our machinery can run 24/7 and we back this up with online technical support, and if necessary, we can have a technician onsite anywhere in the world within 48 hours.


We are constantly looking at ways in which to improve our machines and develop new machines to fill gaps in the market.

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Our experiences have given us the skills to solve the varying challenges our customers face when creating their own products. From computer aided 3D design through to production runs, we will assist you with implementing a cost-effective tube perforation option.