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External Tube Louvering Machine Linear, 4"

The Sanderson TPML4 is the world's first commercially available high speed internal tube louvering machine, offering linear tube louvering with parts made exactly to print. A key benefit to the Sanderson TPML4 is the ability to louver tube from the inside out, eliminating all burrs from the inside of the tube. The Sanderson TPML4 closely rivals the TPM4 in speed, offers minimal tube distortion and burring, easy programming and storing of new parts, and a complete tool change can be achieved in less than 5 minutes.

Every Sanderson TPML4 is made to order from standard components, and if necessary modified to meet individual preferences. We know every application has different tooling requirements, so we would love to work closely with you to build a customised solution to suit your particular needs.  

Sanderson TPML4: Project
Sanderson TPML4: Portfolio
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