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Tube Perforating Machine Lite, 3"

The Sanderson TPM-Lite is a cost-effective solution for those with lower production volumes. It is the baby brother of the Sanderson TPM4, and it shares many of the same design features. The TPM-Lite can accommodate tube up to 3" in diameter and due to the single servomotor at the back will always punch helical patterns. It is mounted on sturdy lockable castors, allowing you to easily move and setup operation anywhere in your plant. Designed for lower production volumes, very quick cycle times, minimal tube distortion and burring, easy programming and storing of up to 45 parts, as well as fast (under 15min) tool changes.

Have a look at our video below to see this machine in action!

TPMLite PNG.png
Sanderson TPM-Lite: Projects
Sanderson TPM-Lite: Portfolio
Sanderson TPM-Lite: Video
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